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Today is a very special day for this little guy. Little "B"s first birthday is today, and I am filled with memories of the phone call we received telling us of his arrival shortly after we fell asleep. I remember how it felt driving through the pelting snow towards the hospital all the while my thoughts were sent back to a night just over a year before, that we were headed in the same direction with similar road conditions, but for a much different event. This little guy made it OK to receive late night phone calls that resulted in driving under difficult conditions! Little "B" is amongst a group of the next generation in our family and is my fourth Godchild (3rd Godson). He is simply a JOY!

What I really want to say today is that a baby's first birthday really is a celebration to his/her's Mamma & Daddy, or to whomever has fed, changed, bathed, soothed, and cried with him or her. A baby's first birthday, really is a celebration that their Mamma & Daddy found a rhythm that is all their own.

In honour of Baby "B", I celebrate you Mamma & Daddy for doing such a good job!

With Love,

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