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in Celebration

Today is a very special day for this little guy. Little "B"s first birthday is today, and I am filled with memories of the phone call we received telling us of his arrival shortly after we fell asleep. I remember how it felt driving through the pelting snow towards the hospital all the while my thoughts were sent back to a night just over a year before, that we were headed in the same direction with similar road conditions, but for a much different event. This little guy made it OK to receive late night phone calls that resulted in driving under difficult conditions! Little "B" is amongst a group of the next generation in our family and is my fourth Godchild (3rd Godson). He is simply a JOY!

What I really want to say today is that a baby's first birthday really is a celebration to his/her's Mamma & Daddy, or to whomever has fed, changed, bathed, soothed, and cried with him or her. A baby's first birthday, really is a celebration that their Mamma & Daddy found a rhythm that is all their own.

In honour of Baby "B", I celebrate you Mamma & Daddy for doing such a good job!

With Love,

it's a GO!

Yesterday was all GO! An early morning appointment for a MVI on our geriatric car came out surprisingly pleasant...too bad our "new" car never seems to have the same outcome when it goes in for service! A quick trip to the city for a visit to the camera shop and then I posed for the camera so I can get a passport in the works. I managed to get the mail in the post, the doggies walked twice, and all the while my mind constantly drifts to photography. The beautiful weather has me again thinking of outdoor photoshoots! The only downside of yesterday is that I missed not one, but two phone calls from my guy [sigh]. He made another attempt bright and early this morning but our connection was bad, so attempt two will hopefully be successful later on today....fingers (and toes crossed) for that.

If you haven't heard about my "Lisa Bennett Photography" give-away, check it out on Facebook. Look up my page by searching for "Lisa Bennett Photography" and you will get the full details there. In a nutshell, I'm giving away a full session INCLUDING high resolution files on CD, just for being a "fan". 30 days to go people! 30 days to make goal!

TODAY is much like yesterday, except it's my "new" car that is going in for service. I have a date with a travel agent to see how we can get to Greece the end of May, I have a pitstop at the post office and a meeting with the vacuum cleaner...a couple of doggie walks will be mixed in too! They're forecasting rain/snow/freezing rain, but outside my window I see sun. Gotta love these kind of days!


Fun....and MORE FUN!

Since I started a Facebook page for "Lisa Bennett Photography" I decided to have a little fun and put out a challenge. I have set a goal of 500 "fans" to be reached by the end of February 28th. If that goal is reached, I will do a random draw for everyone who signed up to be a fan. The person whose name I draw will receive a free photo session as well as a CD with high resolution photos to do with as you please! No strings attached! The value of this package is up to $500. The only thing I would like to add is that I have excluded family members; and I also would like to note that I cannot travel to Timbuctoo for free, or to Cape Breton or PEI or New Brunswick for that matter either. If you happen to live in one of these places,(or any other place over 50 km away from my home, I would love to meet you at a location of your choice, for a small fee which we can discuss at the time of booking.

Now, if you're someone who didn't WIN BIG, I can't leave you out either. For anyone who is a Lisa Bennett Photography Fan, I am offering a 15% discount for your session too! If you contact me, just let me know if you are a Facebook Fan and the discount is yours!


So, are you up for the challenge? Spread the word and let's see how many people we can bring together!

step'n out

...yup! that would be me. I have come out of my hiding place (sort of) and managed to keep my lunch down while I added a Facebook Page for Lisa Bennett Photography. You may say....big deal....everyone has a Facebook page! For this girl it was a big deal. It means I am officially saying to the world "I am a photographer"...I even find it hard to write that!

Fear can be paralizing, and right now I'm plowing forward even though I am very fearful. Writing this I am having another "what was I thinking moment". That is me though. When I really want something I can tell I am on the right track because I am very fearful. This feeling is the same feeling I used to get at every swim meet that I swam well at. I had more difficulty competing in front of a home crowd, but put me in the pool with all of the swimmers and coaches that I was in awe of and I excelled! I'm sure there is some technical term a doctor would use for this type of behaviour, but I just call it performance anxiety.

This type of behavior and photography goes hand and hand for me. I see things through my lens....I really see things when I'm looking through the lens of my camera. The little glances that pass between two people who know each other really well. The light brush of his hand on her shoulder. The sarcasm that screams I love you even though the words aren't spoken. How her eyes follow him as he chases after their child who runs away playfully. L.O.V.E. That's what I see. L.O.V.E. isn't perfect. L.O.V.E. and life can sometimes get messy. Documenting the L.O.V.E. and connections between people is what gives me goosebumps... and yes, sometimes even makes me cry.

I bet most of you never knew what a cornball I was until I started sharing this blog of mine, now did you? Wally says I'm a mooshball. I think both words can be used to describe me...and many, many more.


I am getting close. Getting close to having my new blog and Facebook Fan Page completed enough to share. Can you tell I'm excited? They aren't exactly how I envisioned my web existence to be. I have many, many ideas of how I would like a professional website to look and feel; but alas, I am going with my theme that life is perfectly imperfect! Sometime in the next few days I plan on unveiling what I have been working on lately, and I can't wait for your honest feedback. For now, let me tell you what else I have been up to....

Besides all of the fun I've been having learning how important web designers and developers are, I was given the opportunity to see the daughter of a friend of mine have her wedding dress fitting done. Oh my! I knew she would be a gorgeous bride, but she found the one dress that is defintely hers. Now. Let me tell you how I know that dress was hers....She tried on over 30 dresses last week looking for the one that spoke to her. She and her Mom had narrowed it down to two but decided they would look at another store just to be sure. When they returned to their original two selections, the bride-to-be spotted a dress that looked nothing like the dress she envisioned for herself. Their special day is a destination wedding, and she will marry her love with their families as witnesses in beautiful Greece! Apparently, Mom of the bride felt some exasperation at this point, but this bride prevailed and tried the dress on anyway. I tell you all of this because it is an example of how I believe to my soul that is how life is. When we open our eyes and our hearts, what we need at that particular time, comes our way! B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!!! Thanks ladies. From the bottom of my heart I am honoured to have witnessed you both share this special day.

2nd thoughts

...and 3rd....and 4th...and so on....

I have been a little consumed with self-doubt lately. Not necessarily in a bad way mind you. Just that little knot that you get in your stomach that says what on earth was I thinking? I had that feeling this morning when I remembered what my post from yesterday was...what on earth was I thinking to let other eyes see the silliness that my husband I get up to? That feeling was so strong this morning that I opened up the Blog and almost hit the delete button for yesterday's post. But, then I said to myself, why would I delete part of me? So, there you have it. My name is Lisa and I am a corny, goofball...

I am still struggling with decisions regarding my photography. I have no doubt that this is something I want need to do. What I am doubting is how far do I take it? Do I pay someone to build a professional website? (anyone out there willing to trade services?) Do I pay an on-line company for services to provide a template and hosting? Do I just keep going along as I have been and let it happen organically? How on earth do I earn a living providing a good product (my eye, skill and design) at a reasonable cost so that my customers walk away feeling that they have experienced more than what they expected for the amount they paid me? This is when I really need someone close by to bounce ideas off matter how hair brained they may be!

TODAY is another work day. I have been researching and researching on the web trying to nail down some ideas. Hopefully, I will have results by the end of today! It's another gorgeous morning in my neck of the woods so that makes for another day of enjoyable jaunts with the doggies. Lily has a visit with the vet and the laundry is already on the go. I have a date with Acadian Lines and a meeting with the boss. Today, my friends, is full of a bit of this, and a bit of that, mixed with a lot of thoughts towards the Gulf and Haiti. To everyone working away from home I wish you nothing but the best!


a little L.O.V.E.

...sent in the form of non-expiring coupons tucked away in a Valentine card in hopes that it arrives sometime in the month of February.

TODAY: So far, it's been a busy one. Lots of work before and after operation of the snow blower (you won out Wally - I took your advice and used the machine instead of my back). It's beautiful out there. Two walks have already been completed thanks to Lily and one more to go (thanks to Lily again), but it's not a complaint when the weather is so lovely.


a Firetruck Birthday

On Monday, I did a bit of humm'n and haww'n about whether to make the short trek down to the valley for a birthday dinner for my nephew Ty. It wasn't that I didn't want to was the fact that if they're forecasting even so much as flurries, I avoid the highway like the plague. I know, I know. I am working on it!

BUT, I am so happy that I went! Ty will be back out west working when his birthday rolls around, so even though it's a little early...Happy Birthday!

Mind you, if you take a look around it seems that it might have been someone else's early birthday too! Uncle Ty managed to deliver his birthday gift to Baby "B" early at his own birthday celebration. Very sweet!

This is how you make lots of noise to keep Mommy & Daddy on their toes...

No drinking and driving.....

I'm now "driving" on my own...Uncle Ty is the best uncle ever!

...and there's cake too??? Yummmm....I like this cake stuff! Great Grand Dad would say....wash it down with some "mook"

After all of this, I'm feeling a little old now....thanks guys! (just kidding).

TODAY: It's all work...and waiting in anticipation for the storm to hit. So far, it's just flurries in my neck of the woods. I can't wait until spring & summer. Mostly because my guy will be here with me, but I can't wait for the good weather to arrive too!

(I would like to add as a disclaimer....these photos are straight out of the camera (SOOC), so don't judge me....OK!)

Annapolis Valley Newborn Photography: Baby "A"

YESTERDAY I worked away in front of the computer, but was able to end my work day a little early to have dinner at the farm. That made for two cooked meals, two days in a row! Imagine that! I'll have a share tomorrow on what went down at my quick visit.
TODAY: It was a drive through the valley for the third day in a row. I spent some time wishing my clients a happy new year and did all of the necessary errands I have on my "sales" day.

And because I wanted to include a little eye candy, I decided to include a collage of baby Alannah. I went back and forth over whether to desaturate the colour, make it black & white, make it sepia, etc. etc. I ended up somewhere in between, which I can tell isn't perfect....BUT those expressions are perfect! What a sweet little girl.